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A note from an egg donor

Posted: 12/8/22

A huge thank you goes out to my Care Coordinator, Kallie. I was able to rely on Kallie on any questions I had at the time. Since it was my very first cycle it put me at ease knowing what to except for what was to come ahead. Getting started was a long process just as expected. Filling out the thorough and detailed profile down to the family history and even dating history took some time.

When Katy from EDS had told me that the IP who was interested in working with me was a single parent, it made me saddened to realize that there are some people out there who have children so easily, when these families so genuinely want children of their own and would do whatever it takes, regardless of cost. To my surprise once matched during my psychological evaluation I was asked if I was willing to donate to families of all types. It had me thinking of the future of children in the generation to come, and inspired me more than before to go through with the process. So my mother had asked, “Well how do you feel about your egg donation child growing up without a mom?” The first thought that came to mind then was, “I strongly feel that this child would give him an opportunity to connect with someone, and maybe just then, he would meet his soulmate.” She smiled. Any woman who learned that a man would invest and compromise so much time to create a life, would be honored to be in his and the child’s life.

In the beginning I was a bit overwhelmed. I had only known what to expect from the stories I had heard, and the articles that have been read. The actual physical part of the experience is one that cannot be easily described, without experiencing for ones’ self. It is emotional no doubt, and unsure, but it’s empowering going about your day knowing that someone’s life will be touched in so many new fulfilling ways. Two lives. And perhaps many more.

The birth control was an easy beginning for starting the medications and had very little side effects. The occasional irritability and breast tenderness. The injections was the part that was more nerve-racking because I had never had to give myself an injection in the past. When my best friend had done cycles in the past, she administered her injections with me being there so I could see what it was all about. I was pleasantly surprised that they were really not bad at all. Only real side-effect was drowsiness. When I was given the instructions by the nurses at my primary clinic in Houston I was impressed with the clear medical explanation of what would happen before and after the procedure, and the possible side-effects. The major potential side effect being Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation. I was familiar with because my best friend had it after her 4th donation. At first this put doubts in my head but after years of researching and becoming more interested in becoming involved, I knew they chances were small and I wanted to help someone. Needless to say it had not held back my decision in the end to donate. Texas Hospital for Women and EDS ensured me I would be prepared with all there was to know about donating. From the moment I had started the “physical stuff” is when I began praying for a safe journey and healthy recovery.

My donation date was the morning of August 25th. It’s been almost a full month since donating and I am exercising, riding my long-board, walking my dog and working full-time. On my feet at work for 6-8 hours a day average and doing great now. Back to the normal life again! Before traveling back to Texas for the portion of the retrieval I had actually been working two jobs. Working about 45-55 hours a week. Donating my eggs had made me realize that I had dedicated all my time before to working so much… Too much, to the point where I needed to step back and see the direction of where I needed things to go with my working career. I was able to gain perspective and reanalyze life!

I cannot wait to finish paying off my student loan (donating has helped me do this) so I can go back to school once more to focus on my psychology degree. I will then continue a desired career path to help children with disabilities. Thank you so much to Egg Donor Solutions, Kallie, and the clinic in Houston! I’m excited to help another family in the future and find out the outcomes from the donation.

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