Rewards of Being an Egg Donor

Posted: 02/24/22

Things don’t always work out easily for couples who are hoping to build or expand their family. In fact 1 in 8 couples experience some form of infertility. Thankfully there are many ways to build a family and using an egg donor is a great one. Egg Donors are a huge blessing to couples who want to create a family. 

Some may not know all the benefits or fun facts on egg donor. Although it isn’t a quick process, and at times can require you to rearrange your schedule to meet the needs of the egg donation cycle, it has rewards. Learn what previous donors have said about being an egg donor.  

Egg Donors benefit both the intended parents and the potential child. The intended parents are grateful for their donor as they are helping make the dream of a family come to life. The egg donor gets to be that gift for the couple, allowing them the ability to have a family. This is one of the most trusting and noble things that any woman can do, selflessly helping others to have a child that they would not been able to do without her.  

While it is a very generous act to be an egg donor, you will also be compensated by participating in an egg donation cycle.  

An individual will be compensated anywhere from $9,000 to $14,000 for their time and commitment, and per ASRM you can donate up to six times. In addition to compensation, we offer Referrals! For every referral you send us, you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! If that referral completes a cycle with us, you will get $500 and there is no limit on the amount of friends or family you can refer. If they would like more information, share this Video with them.  

With that compensation donors have paid off their cars, paid off debt, paid for their dream wedding, put money down on a home, booked lavish vacations, opened businesses & gone back to school. What will you do with your compensation? 

Another huge benefit is that the donated eggs will often be screened medically to qualify for the process and it can help a donor learn more about their own genetics and their families health history.  

Being an egg donor is one of the most selfless acts that greatly benefits an infertile couple. Egg Donors get to say that they help create happy families. 

If you are interested in learning more about the rewards of being an egg donor we encourage you to contact the caring staff at Egg Donor Solutions today. 


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