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The right donor for your family

Posted: 12/8/21

When it comes to choosing an Egg Donor, there are many decisions to be made. It can feel overwhelming. Ultimately, you will want to pick a donor who you feel comfortable with. Egg Donor Solutions has added an option for Egg Donors to upload a video to help you get a feel for their personality. […]


Thank You to Our Amazing Surrogates and Egg Donors!

Posted: 11/23/21

In honor of Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment to share our gratitude for the amazing women who help us create happy families each and every day. This year, we have matched nearly 200 intended parents with compatible surrogates and egg donors to help them grow their families! We are incredibly thankful to you […]


Egg Donor Qualifications

Posted: 11/18/21

There are a few things that most agencies are looking for in an egg donor. An egg donor candidate must be physically, mentally and psychologically fit for the egg donation process. The egg donation process requires commitment, time, and patience. We like to work with donors who have a positive outlook towards the idea of […]


What Role Does My Family Play When Deciding To Become A Donor?

Posted: 11/4/21

Choosing to be an egg donor is a big decision. This isn’t a decision that you want to make without a lot of consideration. Your family can help you make this decision and can play a big part in the process of deciding if it’s right for you or not.   A journey through egg donation can produce strong emotions regarding […]


What Makes A Great Egg Donor

Posted: 10/7/21

Infertility issues are becoming more and more common. This has many couples searching for solutions. Many are turning to Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART). One example of ART is Egg donation. The egg donation process is pretty straight forward. To become a qualified egg donor there is a required intensive screening by a fertility clinic. The […]


Egg Donor Testimony: Learning About and Advocating for Your Health

Posted: 09/30/21

There are many benefits to being an egg donor. You get to help intended parents who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have children create their happy family. There’s also the financial compensation, which has enabled many donors to pay off debt, save for a home, travel and even have their dream wedding. Lisa*, a three-time […]


Risks of Egg Donation

Posted: 09/30/21

Egg Donation programs are great for many different types of families.  According to, about 12% of married women have difficulty getting pregnant. This is roughly 1 in 8 couples. Because of this, many are turning to egg donation to grow their families. This is rewarding for an egg donor as they get the opportunity to help families grow.  That satisfaction and the monetary stipend are […]


Egg donation & my fertility

Posted: 09/17/21

Choosing to be an egg donor and donating your eggs so that an infertile couple can start a family is a big decision. Generally, egg donation comes with financial incentive and is often why young women help in this way. One big concern many have about this process is how it could affect future fertility […]


Children’s Books to Help Explain Egg Donation

Posted: 09/8/21

Children are naturally curious and often begin asking questions at a young age about how they came into the world. For families created through egg donation, experts recommend that parents start the conversation with their children early so it simply becomes part of their story. Knowing how to bring up the topic of egg donation can […]


Six-time egg donor shares her experience

Posted: 09/1/21

Written By: Hillary Redwine Completing your sixth and final cycle as an egg donor can feel bittersweet. It’s closing the door on an important chapter in your life while knowing you’ve made an incredible difference in the lives of the families you helped create. That’s certainly the case for Marissa*, who completed her sixth cycle […]


Egg Donors Share Their Advice

Posted: 08/11/21

Written by: Hillary Redwine Being an egg donor and helping to create a happy family is truly one of the most remarkable things you can do for someone else. Our agency is here to guide you through the steps in the egg donation process and support you throughout your cycle. If you’ve ever considered egg […]


Legal Considerations for Egg Donors

Posted: 07/29/21

Benefits of working with an agency versus a frozen egg bank Egg donors today have many options when it comes to choosing who they want to work with for their donation cycle(s). There are agencies, fertility clinics with in-house donor programs and frozen egg banks, which typically split eggs from a single donor into multiple […]


How to talk to your children about egg donation

Posted: 07/8/21

  Dallas-based psychologist Wendy Bauer has been working with infertile couples and individuals for 35 years with a special interest in families created via donor conception. Specifically, she counsels intended parents, egg donors, sperm donors, and donor-conceived children, teens, and adults. In her work with intended parents, Wendy helps them navigate the often-complex emotions that […]


Supporting LGBTQ+ Families Through Egg Donation

Posted: 06/3/21

Written By: Hillary Redwine When same-sex couples turn to egg donation and surrogacy to build their families, sometimes its other members of the LGBTQ+ community who are there to support them. That’s the case for Jordan, who chose to become an egg donor knowing that she will need help to have her own family one […]


Donor Inspiration

Posted: 05/20/21

Connie Wharton always knew she wanted to be a nurse but specializing in fertility wasn’t initially part of her plan. While serving as a corpsman in the United States Navy, Connie worked at a fertility clinic that was part of a military hospital in San Diego, California. It was there that she found her calling. […]


You can be the solution!

Posted: 05/20/21

Did you know 1 in 8 couples who struggle with infertility. As an egg donor, you could be the solution to helping one of these couples create the family of their dreams! The infertility journey When intended parents come to us seeking help to create their family, they often have been trying to conceive for […]


a documented egg donation adventure

Posted: 05/20/21

Written By: Hillary Redwine, cross posted Chelsey Isenberg, a mom of five children ages two to nine, has a passion for helping intended parents create their families. She first served as a surrogate and delivered twins in February 2020 for an intended mother in China, who traveled to the United States for the delivery. After […]

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