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Could You Help Create a Family in 2022?

Posted: 12/16/21

Our team at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions has facilitated more than 1,000 egg donation cycles to help intended parents (IPs) build their families. We couldn’t do it without our amazing donors! We have many IPs who are hoping to grow their families through egg donation in 2022 and are currently searching for the right donor to help them on their journey. Could you be the person to help them create their happy family?

The process
Egg donation is the process through which a woman chooses to donate her eggs to a couple or individual who cannot conceive on their own. The donor takes injectable medication to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple eggs, which are retrieved during a minor surgical procedure done by reproductive endocrinologist. The eggs are then fertilized with sperm from the intended father (or a donor) to create embryos, which will be transferred to the intended mother’s or a surrogate’s uterus at a later time.

There are several steps that happen before a donor begins medication, including the application, filling out a profile, matching with IPs, medical and psychological screenings, and a legal agreement between the donor and IPs. You can find more information about the complete process on our blog.

The benefits
Being an egg donor is a major commitment that requires time and dedication. Egg donors are compensated $9,000-$14,000 per cycle for their time, inconvenience and risk during the process. Per the guidelines recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, egg donors can complete up to six cycles.

Many donors also get the opportunity to travel for the egg retrieval and can take a friend or family member with them. Another benefit of egg donation is the valuable information donors gain about their own health and fertility during the medical screening process. The tests donors receive, which include a genetic screening, provide important insights that can help donors make informed decisions and advocate for their health.

The qualifications
There are several qualifications that donors must meet to be accepted into our egg donation program. Some of these criteria include being between the ages of 21-28, having healthy BMI, no drug or nicotine use, being a college graduate or pursuing a college degree, the ability to provide a detailed personal and family health history, and the flexibility to dedicate three to five months to process and attended regular medical appointments. Please visit for a complete list of egg donor requirements.

Ways you can help
If you are interested in helping to create a family and think egg donation could be right for you, please complete an application on our website. A member of our education team will be in touch to discuss your application, review the process and answer any questions you may have.

We understand that egg donation is not right for everyone. If this is case, there are still ways you can help! You can follow, like and share stories from our social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook. This helps to raise awareness and encourage others to consider egg donation. You can also refer friends and family members to our program. You’ll receive an Amazon gift card for the referral and $500 if she is accepted into our program and completes a cycle.

Please watch this video for more information about our egg donation program & feel free to share with others who would like to learn more, we have a referral system in place as a Thank You for helping to create more happy families.



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