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Egg Donation: Curiosity to Commitment

Posted: 03/3/23

Egg Donation: Natalie’s Journey from Curiosity to Commitment”

Natalie says as someone who never considered egg donation before, she was intrigued by the process after a close friend donated her eggs in 2021.

This is her story:

I witnessed every step of the process alongside my friend and began to think about donating my eggs. I realized that egg donation could be the missing piece of the puzzle that would enable deserving parents to fulfill their dream of having children. After a year of contemplation and extensive research, I decided to donate my eggs with Egg Donor Solutions in 2023.

As part of my own research, I read numerous medical and scholarly articles about side effects and long-term health impacts. Beyond the scholarly articles that gave me baseline data and available research on egg donation, I wanted to seek out the voices of women who have donated in the past. For that, outlets like the New York Times and were helpful. Some articles I found were Q&A’s with previous donors, while others compiled multiple perspectives, including donors, physicians, and recipient families. It was helpful for me to read multiple perspectives and see the experience in new ways. I also spoke to my own OBGYN and a personal counselor.

During my fact finding, I kept a running list of questions and concerns that I could not find answers to on my own. Some of these included the risk of cancer in the future, the ability to meet or interact with the family who chooses my eggs, hormone requirements for cycle-syncing, and the recovery time after the procedure. Egg Donor Solutions has been incredibly helpful in answering all my questions and providing support throughout the process.

One of my primary concerns was the procedure itself, the pain I would experience before and after the retrieval, and the long-term health effects of the hormone injections required for donation. Although there are some unproven claims around risks, I ultimately decided that the benefits of egg donation outweighed those potential risks.

One of the most rewarding aspects of egg donation is knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of a family who is trying to conceive. I read a testimonial in which a donor described her experience as being similar to baking bread. Just as baking bread requires many ingredients, an oven, heat, salt, yeast, flour, a rolling pin, and more, some families desperately want to bake bread butlack the eggs necessary to conceive. I am providing one ingredient that could change lives by donating my eggs.

Throughout my journey, Egg Donor Solutions has been incredibly supportive and made me feel like a priority. Although the decision to donate eggs should not be taken lightly, it can be massively impactful. If you feel called to donate your eggs, know that your decision could make a positive difference in the lives of some very deserving parents.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help create a family in 2023, please review the criteria for our program and submit an application online. A member of our team will be in touch to review your application with you and discuss the process. You can contact our team directly at


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