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Egg Donors Share the Best Part of Their Experience

Posted: 02/18/21

What is the best thing about being an egg donor? This is a question we often ask our donors after they have completed their cycle. It may be surprising to some to learn that the answer is not the financial compensation. While the compensation is certainly one of the benefits of being an egg donor, it is not the primary motivation. Egg donors most often say that the best part of their experience is knowing they helped create a family. It is a feeling that cannot compare to anything else.

We know how grateful intended parents are to their donors, and that gratitude goes both ways. From the excitement of being selected as an egg donor to learning that their intended parents are expecting, most donors are sincerely thankful for the opportunity to help intended parents have the child they have longed for.

We recently asked some of our donors to share why they chose to become an egg donor, how they felt when they first matched with intended parents and the best part of their experience. Here is what they had to say.


Why did you choose to become an egg donor?

I witnessed my best friend struggle with infertility, and her journey led me to want to help others who desire to become parents.

I choose to be an egg donor to be able to help complete the missing puzzle piece for a family. That of course is the hardships and inability to conceive a child. I would do it all over again for another family.

I had a family friend who learned it would be difficult for her to have children. Hearing her journey of how hard it has been and all the obstacles she and her husband have had to overcome put it in perspective that there are many couples who desire to have children and a family. It is something many of my generation take for granted that I could help with. I was moved and honored to be able to contribute to someone’s happiness.

Giving a family or someone an opportunity to have a child is the best thing I could ever do.

A close friend of mine was struggling with infertility. I saw the toll it took on her.

I needed to do something fulfilling in my life, and since I have the ability to do something that some people cannot, I went ahead and did it and could not be more proud about it.

I never planned on having children of my own. I am young and healthy, and I know there are families out there that really want children! I want to help complete that dream.

I have a close friend who needed an egg donor and explained to me her side of the process. I was inspired to help families like hers.

I wanted to be able to help build a family and give the joy my children give me to others.

I chose to become an egg donor for all the women that are having a difficult time conceiving because I have experienced firsthand the troubles and tribulations that come with trying to conceive.

I wanted to help make this amazing journey of parenthood a possibility for others.


How did you feel the first time you were matched with intended parents?

I felt so grateful that out of all the applicants they wanted me to help them and so much excitement, as well, knowing I will be able to help them create a family.

I was excited and a bit nervous about the process because matching happened very quickly.

I was so excited that they picked me out of all the other candidates. We each are special in our own way.

I was excited like a kid on her 16thbirthday with a brand-new car. (I am that excited every time I get matched.)

I literally jumped for joy. It felt amazing to be picked.

I was excited knowing I was about to potentially help them with their dreams!

I cried…I was beyond excited!

I was very nervous because I was not sure how the experience would be for me, but it was all so easy working with Egg Donor Solutions. My first family sent me flowers and a voucher for my husband and I to go out to dinner, which really made me feel appreciated.

I was over the moon excited. I could not believe that someone chose me to help them.

I felt so honored and was ready to donate the next day! I was excited and anxious (in a good way).


What is the best thing about being an egg donor?

Receiving the news that the transfer was successful! My heart was exploding with so much happiness, and I cried as though I just found out a close friend was pregnant. It is one of the most amazing feelings!

Feeling really accomplished and knowing you are making a difference for another family and that means everything to them.

To know that there are children in the world who carry a part of me with them, that makes me feel so wonderful and proud.

Knowing that soon someone will be welcoming an amazing human being into this world.

Knowing that when this process is done on my part, a family could potentially finally be complete, and I had a helping hand in it.

I would say the best thing about being an egg donor is knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life that will have a huge impact on them.

Being able to give a loving couple a family.

Getting the news that a family just gave birth to their new blessing.

Hands down the best feeling is when you find out everything was successful with the donation on both ends and you just helped a loving family achieve their dreams of having a baby.


Are you an intended parent searching for the right egg donor to grow your family? Our team at Egg Donor Solutions has more than 30 years of collective experience helping create happy families. Would be honored to guide and support you through the process. Please feel free to contact us anytime at  


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