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Pride Month: Lizzy’s Story

Posted: 06/30/22

At Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, we are proud to support LGBTQIA+ couples and individuals on their journey to parenthood. We are also honored to work with LGBTQIA+ egg donors and surrogates who are inspired to help create happy families. Throughout June, we will be sharing some of their stories in honor of Pride Month.

Lizzy is mom to Mason 7 & Emma who is 6. She has been an egg donor four times and shares that her biggest passion in life is helping others.

“I started trying to help everyone I could when I was about six years old – from giving them my school lunch or money when they were hungry to helping them overcome obstacles in their lives,” Lizzy says. “Impacting others in positive ways brings me joy.”

Here, Lizzy shares her experience as an egg donor and her advice for other women considering egg donation as a way to help a family.

EDS: What inspired you to become an egg donor, and why did you choose to work with Egg Donor Solutions? When I was younger, I was going to school to become a medical assistant. For one of my papers, they asked us to choose a topic for a research paper, and I chose infertility. When I realized the number of families that are unable to have kids of their own, it broke my heart. I knew I had to try and make a difference for them any way I could. I researched many different companies, and something about Egg Donor Solutions just stood out to me. It felt like I would be very well taken care of and wouldn’t have to feel shame for asking so many questions. Right off the bat, they make you feel great about what you’re doing. I definitely made the right decision in choosing to sign up with EDS.

EDS: Were you nervous about any part of the egg donation process? During my first cycle, I was a bit nervous about the injections and how my body would react, but (surprisingly) the needles don’t hurt at all. I personally didn’t even feel them whenever I injected myself. I think that’s what everyone is mostly worried about – the medication and the retrieval. I didn’t have any negative side effects to the meds, and as for the retrieval, I was always up and about immediately afterwards. You just have to listen to your body and don’t freak out. Always keep your nurse and your coordinator informed of anything that feels off, and they will always have a solution. I’ve worked with Kallie and Amy as my EDS coordinators, and they’re absolutely amazing and attentive. They are patient and will always help to calm your nerves. Have I mentioned how much I love that I chose Egg Donor Solutions? I mean AMAZING!

EDS: Tell us about your donation cycles. Did you travel for any of the cycles? What are some of your favorite memories? I have four cycles, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Texas and Oklahoma. Is the traveling a great deal? Of course. I mean who doesn’t love to travel? My favorite part of being an egg donor is seeing how grateful the intended parents are, listening to their stories or why they chose YOU out of all the different options of donors…hearing why it is that you stood out to them. The way the intended parents are incredibly excited to start their own little family – it’s quite breathtaking when you realize how big of a difference you are making for them. I personally cried tears of joy when the last intended parents came back with positive pregnancy tests. Honestly, even being able to know that little detail, knowing you did that for them…what more could you ask for?

EDS: Is there anything that surprised you throughout your experience as an egg donor? How quick and painless everything was. From the injections to the retrieval, everything sounded scarier than it was. I definitely wasn’t expecting to find out that the parents were successfully pregnant. That was a beautiful surprise.

EDS: What advice do you have for other women who are considering egg donation or are just starting their journey as an egg donor? Don’t be shy, how are you going to know if you don’t ask?

Another thing I suggest is to print everything and put it in a folder that you take with you to all your appointments. That’s what I always do, and it’s so much easier to answer questions if it [the information] is right in front of me. Plus, it helps keep you organized.

EDS: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience? Being an egg donor has changed my life in all the best ways. I have shared my experiences with everyone on my social media pages, and it’s pretty great to see how many people are interested.

We are grateful for all our amazing egg donors, like Lizzy, who selflessly help intended parents create their happy families. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor and would like to learn more about our program, please visit or contact our team at



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