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Egg Donor Referral Program & Travel Opportunities

Posted: 03/13/23

There are many wonderful things about being an egg donor. The best, of course, is the joy that comes from knowing you have helped intended parents who would otherwise not be able to have a child create the family of their dreams. Some women are inspired to become egg donors because they have witnessed friends or family members experience the heartache of infertility. Others are drawn to egg donation after learning about it from a friend who went through the process. No matter how you got here, we are grateful for your desire to help create a happy family! It is a truly life changing and rewarding experience.

Other benefits of egg donation include financial compensation, the important information you gain about your own fertility and genetic health, and for many donors, the opportunity to travel to a fun destination.

Travel opportunities
If you are open to traveling as an egg donor, not only will more intended parents be interested in your profile, but you may very well get the chance to visit a place you have never been. And you will be able to bring a companion along for the journey. Our donors have traveled all over the country – New York, Florida, California and Texas are just a few of the destinations. Read what two of our donors had to say about their travel experiences below.

It was the first time for both my mom and I in the DC area. We had a lot of fun exploring many of the museums for the first time and shopping a bit. Despite my ovaries being a little uncomfortable, I was still able to enjoy exploring a lot. The gem exhibits at the Smithsonian and seeing the pandas at the National Zoo were definitely highlights. I’m a sucker for shiny rocks and some big fluffy animals! Seeing the pandas is a must if you’re in the area. We only have a few of them in the country.

Traveling [to Florida] for the egg retrieval allowed my friend and I to take a fun girls’ trip without our kids. We went to the beach and Universal CityWalk, got massages and manicures, and ate ice cream sundaes in our PJs at the hotel. We didn’t want to leave!

Referral Program
Did you know you can receive a bonus for referring a friend to Egg Donor Solutions? Our team is honored when donors share their positive experiences and encourage their friends to consider egg donation to help create a family. If you refer a friend to our agency and she completes an application, you’ll receive a small Amazon gift card just for encouraging her to apply.  Then, once she completes her first egg donation cycle, you’ll receive $500 as a bonus.

Egg Donor Requirements
There are several requirements potential donors must meet in order to be accepted into our program. These include:

  • Must be 21-28 years old
  • Must have a regular monthly cycle
  • Must have a healthy BMI (28 or under)
  • No drug or nicotine use
  • College graduate or currently enrolled in a higher education program
  • Willing to commit to the egg donation process for 3-5 months and have the flexibility to attend regular medical appointments
  • Ability and willingness to give yourself daily injections
  • Ability to provide accurate personal and family health history

Please find our complete list of egg donor requirements here:

If you would like to learn more about our egg donor program and how you can help create a family, please reach out to our team at We would be honored to work with you!


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