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Pride Month: Lizzy’s Story

Pride Month: Lizzy’s Story

Posted: 06/30/22

At Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, we are proud to support LGBTQIA+ couples and individuals on their journey to parenthood. We are also honored to work with LGBTQIA+ egg donors and surrogates who are inspired to help create happy families. Throughout June, we will be sharing some of their stories in honor of Pride Month. […]


Common Egg donation Myths…

Posted: 06/10/22

Many women wonder if by donating eggs to women who are infertile can affect their fertility later in life. There has been research that has been done over the years to help answer that question for those concerned. Egg donations have been offered to infertile couples since the 1980s. As this form of assisted fertility […]


Could You Help Make Someone’s Mother’s Day Dream Come True?

Posted: 05/6/22

For our intended mothers who struggle with infertility, Mother’s Day can be one of the hardest days of the year. Every commercial advertising the perfect gift, every restaurant email touting a special Mother’s Day brunch menu and every photo on social media of friends celebrating Mother’s Day with their families is a painful reminder of […]


Deciding to be an Egg Donor

Posted: 05/5/22

Donating eggs is a way of aiding others especially distressed couples who wish to have a child. But before deciding to undergo this process, you will want to keep in mind some essential considerations in donating to donate. Privacy Being an egg donor doesn’t only involve the egg retrieval to be successful. In an egg […]


Happy Families Created Through Egg Donation

Posted: 04/22/22

Since Egg Donor Solutions was founded in 2013, we have helped create more than 1,000 happy families. And we couldn’t do it without our amazing donors! From couples who struggled with infertility to same sex couples to single men and women, our intended parents come from many different backgrounds, but they all have one thing […]


Becoming an Egg Donor

Posted: 03/17/22

There are a few things that most agencies are looking for in an Egg Donor. An egg donor candidate must be physically, mentally and psychologically fit for the egg donation process. The Egg Donation process requires commitment, time, and patience. We like to work with donors who have a positive outlook towards the idea of […]


Sofia’s Story: Choosing to become an egg donor

Posted: 03/3/22

Helping to create a family as an egg donor is both a beautiful gift and a serious commitment. It is not a decision that should be made lightly. Sofia, a two-time donor, advises others to “ask lots of questions and make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before a family starts relying […]


Rewards of Being an Egg Donor

Posted: 02/24/22

Things don’t always work out easily for couples who are hoping to build or expand their family. In fact 1 in 8 couples experience some form of infertility. Thankfully there are many ways to build a family and using an egg donor is a great one. Egg Donors are a huge blessing to couples who […]


Preparing for the Future-Unidentified Cycle with the DSR

Posted: 02/11/22

As you consider helping a family via egg donation, we are here to guide and support you through the process of screening, legal, medications and the retrieval process and we are also proud to help you start this process with the end in mind…. the child(ren) you are helping create. Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions […]


Happy Galentine’s Day!

Posted: 02/10/22

While Valentine’s Day is about romance, Galentine’s Day is a special day devoted to female friendships. Celebrated on February 13th, Galentine’s Day was first introduced in 2010 on the popular TV show Parks and Recreation by character Leslie Knope (portrayed by Amy Poehler). Although not an official holiday, a day dedicated to spending time with […]


Fresh or Frozen: Choosing an Egg Donation Program

Posted: 01/14/22

Women who meet the qualifications for egg donation have multiple options to consider when choosing an egg donation program. There are agencies like Egg Donor Solutions (EDS) that match compatible donors and intended parents (IPs) for fresh donation cycles, egg banks from which IPs can purchase frozen eggs, and in-house programs at fertility clinics, which […]


Could You Help Create a Family in 2022?

Posted: 12/16/21

Our team at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions has facilitated more than 1,000 egg donation cycles to help intended parents (IPs) build their families. We couldn’t do it without our amazing donors! We have many IPs who are hoping to grow their families through egg donation in 2022 and are currently searching for the right […]


Meet the EDS Education Team

Posted: 12/2/21

Our Education Team at Egg Donor Solutions (EDS) is committed to ensuring donors understand and are well prepared for the egg donation process. Education Manager Holly Muzny and Donor Educator Jordyn Boucha work one-on-one with new and potential donors to guide them through the process and provide education on all aspects of egg donation including […]


Thank You to Our Amazing Surrogates and Egg Donors!

Posted: 11/23/21

In honor of Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment to share our gratitude for the amazing women who help us create happy families each and every day. This year, we have matched nearly 200 intended parents with compatible surrogates and egg donors to help them grow their families! We are incredibly thankful to you […]


Risks of Egg Donation

Posted: 09/30/21

Egg Donation programs are great for many different types of families.  According to, about 12% of married women have difficulty getting pregnant. This is roughly 1 in 8 couples. Because of this, many are turning to egg donation to grow their families. This is rewarding for an egg donor as they get the opportunity to help families grow.  That satisfaction and the monetary stipend are […]


Egg donation & my fertility

Posted: 09/17/21

Choosing to be an egg donor and donating your eggs so that an infertile couple can start a family is a big decision. Generally, egg donation comes with financial incentive and is often why young women help in this way. One big concern many have about this process is how it could affect future fertility […]


Six-time egg donor shares her experience

Posted: 09/1/21

Written By: Hillary Redwine Completing your sixth and final cycle as an egg donor can feel bittersweet. It’s closing the door on an important chapter in your life while knowing you’ve made an incredible difference in the lives of the families you helped create. That’s certainly the case for Marissa*, who completed her sixth cycle […]


Egg Donors Share Their Advice

Posted: 08/11/21

Written by: Hillary Redwine Being an egg donor and helping to create a happy family is truly one of the most remarkable things you can do for someone else. Our agency is here to guide you through the steps in the egg donation process and support you throughout your cycle. If you’ve ever considered egg […]


Legal Considerations for Egg Donors

Posted: 07/29/21

Written By: Hillary Redwine Benefits of working with an agency versus a frozen egg bank Egg donors today have many options when it comes to choosing who they want to work with for their donation cycle(s). There are agencies, fertility clinics with in-house donor programs and frozen egg banks, which typically split eggs from a […]

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