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Egg Donation & my fertility

Egg Donation & my fertility

Posted: 12/7/23

Being an egg donor and donating your eggs to help infertile couples start a family is indeed a big decision. Many women choose to become egg donors for both altruistic reasons and the financial incentive it provides. One common concern among potential egg donors is whether the process could affect their future fertility and ability […]


Genetic Screening

Posted: 11/2/23

A consultation with a genetic counselor is an important part of the screening process to receive medical clearance for egg donation. During your appointment, the genetic counselor will review your personal and family health history to determine any potential hereditary conditions that could be passed on to a child. She will walk you through your […]


Common Egg Donation Medications

Posted: 10/5/23

Medication always plays an integral role for any egg donation cycle to turn out successful. As an egg donor, you consequently have to be prepared to undertake a number of medical procedures prior to the donation. Essentially egg retrieval is not possible without the need for egg donors to use some special drugs and medication. […]


Are there risks in egg donation?

Posted: 09/7/23

Egg Donation programs are great for many different types of families.  According to, about 12% of married women have difficulty getting pregnant. This is roughly 1 in 8 couples. Because of this, many are turning to egg donation to grow their families. This is rewarding for egg donors as they get the opportunity to help […]


Overcoming Obstacles with a Six-Time Egg Donor

Posted: 08/24/23

In a world where compassion and selflessness are often overshadowed by personal pursuits, stories like Holly Smith’s shine as a testament to the power of empathy and the impact of one person’s choice to make a difference. Recently we had the privilege of sitting down with Holly Smith, an escalation specialist at Progyny Inc., a […]


Traveling Tips for Egg Donors

Posted: 08/3/23

Egg Donors can choose to donate locally in the city they live in or travel to an intended parent’s clinic to allow them to be matched with intended parents quicker.  After you have become an egg donor it is important to think of travel if you are open to the latter. Egg donors that are […]


Rewards of being an egg donor

Posted: 07/6/23

Egg donation can be a life-changing experience for both the intended parents and the donor. By generously offering your eggs, you are providing hope and the opportunity for a family to couples who may have otherwise struggled to conceive. Here are some key benefits and rewards of being an egg donor: Fulfillment and the joy […]


Why Same-Sex Couples Need Egg Donors & Surrogates to Create Their Families

Posted: 06/21/23

  At Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, we believe all intended parents deserve the chance to have the family of their dreams, and we are proud to have helped many same-sex couples create their happy families. When choosing to grow their family, same sex intended parents (IPs) have several options to consider, such as private […]


Egg Donors Share the Best Part of Their Experience

Posted: 05/12/23

  What is the best thing about being an egg donor? This is a question we often ask our donors after they have completed their cycle. It may be surprising to some to learn that the answer is not the financial compensation. While the compensation is certainly one of the benefits of being an egg […]


Egg Donor Referral Program & Travel Opportunities

Posted: 03/13/23

There are many wonderful things about being an egg donor. The best, of course, is the joy that comes from knowing you have helped intended parents who would otherwise not be able to have a child create the family of their dreams. Some women are inspired to become egg donors because they have witnessed friends […]


Egg Donation: Curiosity to Commitment

Posted: 03/3/23

Egg Donation: Natalie’s Journey from Curiosity to Commitment” Natalie says as someone who never considered egg donation before, she was intrigued by the process after a close friend donated her eggs in 2021. This is her story: I witnessed every step of the process alongside my friend and began to think about donating my eggs. […]


Egg Donors: What to Expect During Your Genetic Screening

Posted: 01/13/23

A consultation with a genetic counselor is an important part of the screening process to receive medical clearance for egg donation. During your appointment, the genetic counselor will review your personal and family health history to determine any potential hereditary conditions that could be passed on to a child. She will walk you through your […]


Tips for a Healthy Egg Donation Cycle in 2023

Posted: 01/5/23

Are you new to our program and hoping to do your first egg donation cycle in 2023? Or perhaps you’re a veteran donor ready to help create another wonderful family this year. Either way, our team is grateful for you and here to support you on your journey. Below are a few tips to help […]


Donor Meets Intended Mom

Posted: 12/13/22

  It was a wonderful experience for her, she remembers: She was discouraged at first thinking she would never be matched. She almost gave up thinking she was not meant for this role. But then it all came together, and it developed into a wonderful journey.  Chelsea’s egg donor process began as any other, applications, […]


A note from an egg donor

Posted: 12/8/22

A huge thank you goes out to my Care Coordinator, Kallie. I was able to rely on Kallie on any questions I had at the time. Since it was my very first cycle it put me at ease knowing what to except for what was to come ahead. Getting started was a long process just […]


Jamie’s Story

Posted: 11/10/22

Jamie is a five time egg donor from Houston, Texas.  She will begin her 6th, and final, cycle this month.  Jamie learned about egg donation online and immediately was intrigued by the process.  After ample research about egg donation in general, she began her search for the right agency, ultimately deciding on Egg Donor Solutions. […]


Meet the EDS Education Team

Posted: 11/3/22

    Our Egg Donor Solutions Education Team ensures donors understand and are well prepared for the egg donation process. The Education Manager Holly Muzny, Donor Educators Jordyn Boucha, Mikela Dietrick, and Denise Popow guide new and potential donors through the process and educate them about all aspects of egg donation, including the benefits, the […]


Holly’s Story

Posted: 11/1/22

My name is Holly and this is my story of how I became an egg donor and helped 6 families achieve their dreams of having a baby and how that has completely changed my life! My last semester of college, I became super focused on how I wanted to live my post-college life. With my […]


Egg Donor Application Tips

Posted: 10/28/22

Your egg donor application becomes your egg donor profile and is where Intended Parents (IPs) “meet” you for the first time. Therefore, it is critical to build a profile that is both honest and engaging. In addition to making a good impression, your profile will be the first connection Intended Parents will make with you. […]


What Potential Donors Need To Know

Posted: 10/6/22

Can I donate eggs if I’m on birth control? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear from potential donors, and the short answer is – it depends. Some methods of birth control are compatible with egg donation while others not. If you are currently using an incompatible form of birth control, […]

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