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Ashley’s Story: How motherhood helped her understand the importance of being an egg donor

Supporting LGBTQ+ Families Through Egg Donation

Posted: 06/3/21

Written By: Hillary Redwine When same-sex couples turn to egg donation and surrogacy to build their families, sometimes its other members of the LGBTQ+ community who are there to support them. That’s the case for Jordan, who chose to become an egg donor knowing that she will need help to have her own family one […]


You can be the solution!

Posted: 05/20/21

Did you know 1 in 8 couples who struggle with infertility. As an egg donor, you could be the solution to helping one of these couples create the family of their dreams! The infertility journey When intended parents come to us seeking help to create their family, they often have been trying to conceive for […]


Braving Infertility Together connects women in Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond

Posted: 04/20/21

Written by: Hillary Redwine Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex, Braving Infertility Together is a grassroots nonprofit organization whose mission is to normalize the infertility process by providing experienced-based support, encouragement and education. The organization was born from a group of local women who connected via an online search for infertility support and decided […]


Egg Donors Share the Best Part of Their Experience

Posted: 02/18/21

What is the best thing about being an egg donor? This is a question we often ask our donors after they have completed their cycle. It may be surprising to some to learn that the answer is not the financial compensation. While the compensation is certainly one of the benefits of being an egg donor, […]

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