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Deciding to be an Egg Donor

Posted: 05/5/22

Donating eggs is a way of aiding others especially distressed couples who wish to have a child. But before deciding to undergo this process, you will want to keep in mind some essential considerations in donating to donate.


Being an egg donor doesn’t only involve the egg retrieval to be successful. In an egg donation program, it is imperative to have your information as the donor. Transparency on your personal information will help you to become the egg donor. The recipient may also study your information but if you want to be regarded as an anonymous donor, the company must not provide any details in regards to your name or contact information. Before disclosing your details and information to the egg donor agency, it is basic to ask how your information will be used. Please note, most agencies will require you to keep your information current for years following your donation. You may considering asking these questions beforehand and be comfortable with their answers PRIOR to starting an egg donation cycle.  If you are satisfied with their answers and see their reliability then, you can feel confident in providing your information.

Most egg donation agencies will identify you with a number or series of numbers and letters.  Please do not mistake this for lack of interest but as a simple way to keep your information confidential to potential intended parents. There are many options when you are researching becoming a donor, there are many benefits to using a credible agency like Egg Donor Solutions.


One of the most important aspects of the egg donation process is the direct legal agreement. Once a donor has passed the medical and psychological screening, the IPs and the donor will have the opportunity to consult separately with attorneys who specialize in assisted reproduction to craft a customized contract that is agreeable to both parties. This is a service that sets Egg Donor Solutions (EDS) apart from many fertility clinics with in-house donor programs and frozen egg banks where having a direct agreement with the donor is typically not an option.

In terms of legalities, take into consideration the contract content. The agreement must define the accountabilities of each party — the donor, recipient, the company, and the clinic (if you are working with an in-house clinic). Contracts are legal and must be done after the completion of the consent process. Understanding the contact provisions must be essential before signing and must be done under the guidance of a lawyer or an independent legal adviser. It is recommended to NEVER enter into a a verbal egg donation agreement where this is not a legal agreement that protects you as the Egg Donor.

Options for future contact
Another important element of the agreement is establishing a way for IPs to contact the donor in the future for medical updates, questions or in the event their children want to reach out when they are older. This is typically done via the Donor Sibling Registry (DSR), a nonprofit organization that facilitates connections between donor-conceived people, egg donors, sperm donors, siblings and recipient parents through its website.

Donor recipient liabilities

Intended parents, just like you have responsibilities through the egg donation process.  Some include, compensating you, paying for travel expenses, paying all medical bills, and whatever will be the result of the conceived baby, the donor recipient has that responsibility.  In the same way, you don’t have any paternal rights to a child that may be born as a result of your egg donation.

 Donor Fee

The payment or compensation you will receive is not for the retrieved eggs but for your discomfort, effort, time and commitment. You should be paid no matter the outcome as long a you followed through on your obligations.


Find an agency or clinic that really cherishes their egg donors.  Some agencies do not feel the same loyalty to their donors as others do.  You must clear on the commitment you are making and reading the contract before signing it is a must!  Agencies and clinics have agreements in place for your protection.  Make sure you find the right people with your best interest at heart to help you through this exciting journey.

Just the process of considering if egg donation is right for you is at times challenging.  We welcome you to visit Egg Donor Solutions to learn more about the process and to apply if you think it is right for you.  Education is the key!

We help Intended Parents Create Happy Families via Egg Donation & Surrogacywith the help of caring Egg Donors & Surrogates.

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