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Posted: 05/20/21

Did you know 1 in 8 couples who struggle with infertility. As an egg donor, you could be the solution to helping one of these couples create the family of their dreams!

The infertility journey
When intended parents come to us seeking help to create their family, they often have been trying to conceive for many years. Sometimes infertility is due to age. Sometimes it’s the result of a medical diagnosis, such as cancer or a genetic condition. And other times there simply is no explanation.

We hear stories about failed IVF cycles and pregnancies that ended in a miscarriage, in some cases multiple times. There is a lot of sadness and grief to work through. Intended mothers need time to process the loss of a genetic connection to their future child(ren).

But as they work through those emotions, there is usually a renewed sense of hope when they realize they can still have the family they dream of with the help of an egg donor. And their gratitude for the women who help them create their families is immeasurable.

Letters from IPs
Sometimes IPs will write a letter to their donor to share a little about their journey and express their gratitude. Below are excerpts from a few letters where IPs have shared their fertility struggles.

Prior to marriage, we discussed

 our mutual desires to start a family. Since we married later in life, our fertility journey was tough. We tried IVF and considered adoption. We met with our fertility doctor, and they mentioned that egg donation might be an option. When we started looking at egg donors, we were not sure if we would find one that felt “right.” We were very happy to find you and that you agreed to be our donor. Thank you helping us with our journey!

You may be curious why are

 needing to seek fertility treatment to become parents. You see, [name retracted] was born with Turner’s Syndrome, which resulted in a congenital heart defect. She has had two open-heart surgeries, the second one resulting in a valve replacement. Needless to say, our lives have been touched by a donor before. It takes a tremendously caring person to help strangers like us add to our family, and we are forever grateful we found that in you.

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for helping us start our family. So, you know a little about us and our journey to here…we have been married now for almost 6 years. After completing some tests, I came to find out my egg count was extremely low. We tried multiple rounds of IUIs and a round of IVF, which were unsuccessful. After all of that, the doctor recommended another round; however, we chose to start our family using donor eggs. Being able to even have this option at this point is a blessing. I truly cannot express all the feelings, but to say thank you for helping us make our family dreams come true.

We spent the first five years of our marriage trying to conceive a child. We knew it could be a challenge because I lost an ovary due to a dermoid cyst. We were successful at pregnancy through IVF the first time we tried, but we lost the pregnancy early. We tried many IUIs and medicated “natural” attempts, where I would take fertility meds and we would try to time things just right. We were about to start one of those medicated attempts. I was waiting for my cycle to start, and it was late. We learned I was pregnant, naturally! That was a thrill, and I am glad we got to experience that surprise. However, we also lost that pregnancy early. I have heard of so many women experiencing multiple miscarriages. But, for me, only two was enough heartbreak. We essentially stopped trying at that point. I began to try to accept the fact that I would not experience pregnancy. Maybe we could adopt. Though, I really wanted to experience life growing in my womb; I want that bond. So, I suggested that we try again, but with donor eggs. And then we began to search for you. It is an amazing and beautiful gift you are willing to share. I feel that you have a special understanding of what you are giving us because you are a mother. The generosity that must be in your heart that you are willing to share a literal piece of yourself with strangers is so admirable to us.

We wanted to tell you thank you for all you’re doing to help our dreams of having children come true. We met and got married in our late 20s, and at age 30, I was diagnosed with cancer. After treatment, I am now 33 years old and cancer free; however, I am now unable to have a child genetically related to me. This was devastating news, but I have made peace with it, and I am genuinely excited and ready to have a child regardless of whose DNA he or she has. We looked through many profiles over the last several months and no one seemed just right, until YOU. We were so relieved to find your profile and instantly felt connected to you. We are so thankful to you for your help in making that dream a reality.

Be the solution
You can be the solution to helping IPs like these create their happy families! In addition to the personal fulfillment that comes with helping to create a family, donors are compensated for their time and commitment to the egg donation process. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please spend some time reviewing the requirements and application process on our website at You can also reach out to our team directly through the website. We would love to connect with you!

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